How do we protect ourselves from the threat of violent behaviors? According to Gavin De Becker, we are all experts of predicting violent behavior. De Becker shares his knowledge and perspective on the gift of fear in this empowering book. He discusses fear’s ability to increases our use of intuition by trusting our gut and acting on our instincts. De Becker introduces the ways we can protect ourselves and the one’s we love while blending comfort, empathy, self-compassion, and rational to exemplify how each one of us have all that we need to recognize warning signs to prevent trauma and/or harm.

Why Read?

The Gift of Fear is great for adult supporters of victims and survivors of dating violence, domestic violence, and sexual assault. This book can help one understand how one may have survived trauma-related experiences and the mind and body magnificent functions when experiencing fear. Lastly, it can help teach/educate proactive ways to not endure trauma and/or harm in the future.

Who should read it?


Licensed Professional Counselors

Social Workers

Direct Staff care


Law Enforcement