Dating Violence Awareness Month

Starting the Conversation at Home

Youth are constantly receiving message about relationships – from TV shows, music, movies, social media, and their peers. With the passing of Senate Bill 9 during the past legislative session – which requires public schools to provide education about dating violence, sexual violence, and child abuse – youth are gaining the opportunity to learn about the dynamics of healthy and unhealthy relationships while they are in school.

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February is Dating Violence Awareness Month, a national effort to raise awareness about the impacts of dating abuse and encourage communities to support teens and young adults in seeking healthy relationships.

Download Stop the Hurt’s Dating Violence Awareness Month Take Action! Toolkit to empower teens and young adults to raise awareness about dating violence and promote healthy relationships.  

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Sex Education: It’s About More Than Just Sex

By |Healthy Relationships|

Sex education tends to be one of the most awkward parts of school health classes. Learning about STIs and pregnancy prevention, often through abstinence, is important to keeping youth safe and informed but it is also just the tip of the iceberg of things parents and schools could be teaching to youth to help them on their journey to adulthood. Providing youth with [...]

Prevention is Possible!

By |Child Abuse, Healthy Relationships, Sexual Assault|

Sexual assault and child abuse are not just “big city” problems. We must acknowledge that these issues happen in our community more often than we would like to think. Therefore, we should focus on preventing sexual assault and child abuse before it happens. Changing social norms, teaching skills, empowering youth, and creating safe environments can help reduce violence in our communities.We all have a [...]

Supporting Someone Who Has Experienced Sexual Assault

By |Sexual Assault|

It can feel overwhelming when someone tells you that they have been sexually assaulted. You want to respond appropriately and show your support. Finding the right words may seem impossible and like nothing is enough. This is a normal feeling. This shows that you care. The response to someone who has disclosed their trauma is critical in their healing process. The most important thing is that they can feel supported with your better understanding of what is an appropriate and healthy response.  Listen and Believe: Without Judgment [...]

Outspoken Episode 4 is Here!

By |Outspoken Podcast|

Outspoken Episode 4: Breaking Down Consent Gemma, Kiara, Megan, and Nathan break down consent while discussing headlines featuring Marilyn Manson, T.I. and Tiny, David Dobrick’s Vlog Squad, and others. CW: This episode includes conversations about sexual assault and relationship abuse.  Check it Out!

Normalizing “The Talk”

By |Child Abuse|

Whenever someone says “We’re having The Talk” people think of the awkward conversation that every parent has with their teen about safe sex. However, there is another “Talk” that needs to happen. The Talk we are looking at today is for younger children and toddlers. Your initial reaction may be that children of that age are too young to have the Talk, but [...]

Interrupting the Cycle of Child Abuse

By |Child Abuse|

April is both Sexual Assault and Child Abuse Awareness month. The following article is the first article of a four-week series focusing on raising awareness about sexual assault and child abuse. 2 in 5 women and 1 in 5 men will experience a form of sexual abuse/assault in their lifetime.   Last year roughly 42,717 children in Texas experienced child abuse including [...]

The Reality of Dating Violence

By |Dating & Domestic Violence, Healthy Relationships, Uncategorized|

“That doesn’t happen to young people.” “It’s not a big deal.” “If it is happening, it should be easy for them to just break-up.” These are all common misconceptions that relate to the prevalence and impact of dating violence. Dating violence occurs among young people at an alarming rate.   The short and long-term effects of experiencing dating [...]

Take Action to Prevent Dating Violence

By |Dating & Domestic Violence, Healthy Relationships|

Dating Violence Awareness Month is a national effort to raise awareness about the impacts of dating abuse and encourage communities to support teens and young adults in seeking healthy relationships. Though these conversations are important to have year-round, February gives us the opportunity to shine a light on dating abuse and inspire conversations about healthy relationships in order to stop violence before it starts. How will you [...]

LGBTQ Relationships

By |Dating & Domestic Violence, Healthy Relationships|

Relationships are as different as the people in them. The same goes for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer/questioning (LGBTQ) relationships. There are qualities all healthy relationships should have and abuse is never one of them. No matter who you love or how you identify, everyone deserves a safe and healthy relationship. Healthy LGBTQ Relationships Your relationship should make [...]


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