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Stay up to Date! Here you can Find Reviews and Commentary on Media Related to our Issues.

You can use these articles as learning tools for yourself or for the young people around you. If there is a book, article, video, etc. you would like us to review, just let us know!



by Zack & Kimberly King Book Review How do you teach children about body safety? What are healthy boundaries? And how do you communicate healthy boundaries with a child? How do you explain inappropriate behavior? Can a child understand what are bribes and threats? Or when to go to an adult for help? And what to do when a trusted adult does not help you? How do you explain guilt and shame in a way that understandable for children? Zach explains it [...]

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BOOK REVIEW: The Invisible String

by Patrice Karst Book Review Liza and Jeremy are twins who are awakened during a thunderstorm and go to their mother for comfort. While putting them back to bed she reassures her children that they are safe, loved and always connected. She explains when she was a child her mother told her about the invisible string that connects people who love each other, no matter what. She proclaims this string is made of LOVE. And the string is connected no matter--the [...]

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BOOK REVIEW: The Gift of Fear

How do we protect ourselves from the threat of violent behaviors? According to Gavin De Becker, we are all experts of predicting violent behavior. De Becker shares his knowledge and perspective on the gift of fear in this empowering book. He discusses fear’s ability to increases our use of intuition by trusting our gut and acting on our instincts. De Becker introduces the ways we can protect ourselves and the one’s we love while blending comfort, empathy, self-compassion, and rational to exemplify [...]

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VIDEO REVIEW: Understanding Empathy

Have you ever tried to be empathetic but somehow end up being sympathetic, AGAIN? Heck, what is empathy? How is it different from sympathy? Is it even important? Brene’ Brown, the vulnerability guru, breaks down the essential steps to provide empathy in this animated video.  These steps help address the complication of understanding and practicing this BIG emotion. Allowing oneself to provide compassion and support to friends and family. Empathy vs Sympathy Now, you may be asking, what is the [...]

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