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Stay up to Date! Here you can Find Reviews and Commentary on Media Related to our Issues.

You can use these articles as learning tools for yourself or for the young people around you. If there is a book, article, video, etc. you would like us to review, just let us know!


BOOK REVIEW: Pet by Akwaeke Emezi

Summary  In a peaceful, Monster-free, near-future city lives teenagers Jam and her best friend Redemption. Jam discovers a creature climbing out of her mother’s painting sent to hunt a grim mystery lurking in Redemption’s house. In a world where all of the Monsters are gone, Jam, Redemption, and their community must completely relearn how to uncover, hold, and heal from hidden and awful truths. These two brave teens face the question “How do you save the world from monsters if no one [...]

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BOOK REVIEW: Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

Summary Eleanor is a 15-year-old girl who recently moved back in with her mother, stepfather Ritchie, and 4 younger siblings after having been kicked out by her stepfather for a year. Her father is distant, emotionally negligent, and unavailable. Her mother is in a domestic violence relationship with Ritchie, which is primarily directed at her mom though also at the children, especially Eleanor. Ritchie also makes indirect sexual comments towards Eleanor. She meets Park by sitting next to him on the bus. [...]

BOOK REVIEW: Dreamland by Sarah Dessen

Summary After her 18-year-old sister runs away to escape the pressure of living out their parents' visions of her future, 16-year-ols Caitlin begins acting out. Behaving both in ways to fill and reject the expectations left behind by the absence of her sister, she becomes a cheerleader and starts dating a wealthy drug dealing 5th year senior named Rogerson. Well after it is revealed he is a victim of physical abuse by his father, Rogerson begins abusing Caitlin very suddenly. It continues [...]

BOOK REVIEW: Sparrow by Mary Cecilia Jackson

Summary  Sparrow and Lucas are juniors in high school, best friends, and the lead ballerinas at a youth ballet conservatory. Sparrow experiences a near-death dating violence incident at the hand of a powerful upper-class peer around the same time that Lucas’ father abruptly passes away from cancer. Their friends, family, and community struggle to support these teens as they process these intense traumas. Everyone does their best, and despite many stumbles along the way, finds their path to healing.  Why Read?  The [...]

BOOK REVIEW: What Kind of Girl by Alyssa Sheinmel

Summary  Alyssa Sheinmel Maya goes to the principal at her private school with a black eye and tells her principal that their track star and all-around Good Guy of campus hit her. The news spreads fast across campus as different perspectives are pulled to the readers’ attention. Masterfully touching on a variety of issues including addiction, self, harm, recovering from abuse, anxiety, drug use, and eating disorders, the central theme of Sheinmel’s novel is exploring and challenging our communities’ [...]

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