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What is Child Abuse?

Child abuse is mental, emotional, physical or sexual injury to a child or failure to prevent such an injury. It includes neglect, the failure to provide a child with food, clothing, shelter and/or medical care, as well as leaving a child in a situation where the child is at risk or harm.

Child abuse is a crime that thrives in secrecy because it is often times difficult to talk about. That’s why conversation—openly discussing this issue—is the most effective tool we have to eradicate child abuse.

Signs of child abuse can be subtle, and in many cases, nonexistent. Changes in a child’s routine or new unexplained behaviors are worth a second look. A few signs to look for include unexplained injuries, changes in behavior, changes in eating or sleeping, changes in school performance or attendance, and fear of certain places or people.

Child Abuse Articles

Did You Know You Are a Mandated Reporter of Child Abuse?

Have you ever seen a situation involving a child that made you feel uncomfortable? Perhaps you suspected a child is in danger. Maybe you wondered, what should I do? What can I do? The purpose of mandated reporting is to identify suspected abuse or neglect of a child as quickly as possible to prevent further harm. If you suspect a child is being abused, then you [...]

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