April is Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention Month, a time for communities to come together to build caring connections, supportive environments, and positive experiences for all children. Though this is important year-round, April gives us the opportunity to shine a light on child abuse and inspire conversations about how to prevent it.

Here are two easy ways to get started with Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention Month!

  • Participate in Texas’ Go Blue Day by wearing blue Friday, April 5th. Join us and other Texans in wearing blue, the official color of child abuse prevention, to show their support for children. If you post photos of you or your group on social media wearing blue, tag HCWC and Stop the Hurt!
  • Fill out the “I Wear Blue Because” signs included in the toolkit and share how you support and advocate for children. Hang your sign in your office, on your door, or share it on social media.

Get the Toolkit

Download Stop the Hurt’s 2023 Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention Month Take Action! Toolkit to learn more about child abuse and ways to create positive environments for children.

This toolkit is also available in Spanish! Click Here to download the Spanish version!

This year’s toolkit includes:

  • Social Media & Newsletter Posts 
  • Preschool and Elementary Activities 
  • Recommended Reading List 
  • Breaking the Ice: Conversation Starters for Adults & Youth 
  • And more! 

Please complete the form below and click submit. You will be directed to a page to download the toolkit.


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    Kiara is a full-time cat lady with a passion for social justice. At HCWC, she is the Primary Prevention Coordinator – facilitating conversations with adolescents and adults on fostering healthier relationships and ways to make the world a safer, more equitable place. Kiara is a proud alum of Texas State University where she received her bachelor’s degree in Applied Sociology. Her passions include social change, youth activism, LGBTQ activism, and crafting. She doesn’t like taking pictures, but she does love Bitmojis.

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