In a peaceful, Monster-free, near-future city lives teenagers Jam and her best friend Redemption. Jam discovers a creature climbing out of her mother’s painting sent to hunt a grim mystery lurking in Redemption’s house. In a world where all of the Monsters are gone, Jam, Redemption, and their community must completely relearn how to uncover, hold, and heal from hidden and awful truths. These two brave teens face the question “How do you save the world from monsters if no one will admit they exist?” 

Why Read 

This work of young adult fiction is powerful for enumerable reasons. Pet is culturally rich, LGBT+ affirming in refreshing simplicity, honest about our ideal future and its inevitable faults. Through the eyes of her impressive main characters, Akwaeke Emezi invites us to bear witness to harm in new and empowering ways. Valuable to both survivors and their support systems, the central theme is that the first step to dealing with harm is to admit it happens in our communities. 

Who should read it? 

  • Teens 
  • LGBT+ Community 
  • Young Changemakers 
  • School Personnel 
  • Survivors of Assault & Abuse 
  • Secondary Survivors to Assault and Abuse 

Content Warning 

This book contains content regarding relationship violence, sexual assault, and child abuse. None of the content is explicit, all instances are survivor-centered and considerate of not traumatizing readers. 


  • Claudia Menchaca

    Claudia Menchaca is the Caldwell County Prevention Educator at the Hays-Caldwell Women's Center. They've taught many subjects over the years, but currently focus on healthy relationship skills for teens. They like chickens, snakes, bugs, and aquatic plants. Their hobbies include including visiting the river, reading, hosting movie nights, and being neighborly.

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