by Zack & Kimberly King

Book Review

How do you teach children about body safety? What are healthy boundaries? And how do you communicate healthy boundaries with a child? How do you explain inappropriate behavior? Can a child understand what are bribes and threats? Or when to go to an adult for help? And what to do when a trusted adult does not help you? How do you explain guilt and shame in a way that understandable for children? Zach explains it all in this illustration discussing body safety and healthy boundaries. Zach and his mother, Kimberly King wrote this fantastic book to encourage child safety and prevent problematic incidents and situations in a language comprehensible to children.

Why Read?

The difficulties of communication between adult and child is a common issue, especially when the topic is about prevention of harm. Well, no worries, Zack is here to the rescue, bringing a kid’s perspective and communication style to the hard topic of healthy boundaries and body safety. The illustration and written text help many adult supporters with dialogue and discussion. I Said No! has a variety of situations and scenarios that will help bring clarity, understanding regarding how to keep a child safe.

Who should read it?





Social Workers